How to see contacts from Ninja Forms

After change from Contact Form7 to Ninja Forms there’s a news link to see new contacts Just select form to see results:

How to see OLD contacts

We sede Contact Form7 plugin for some time. All those registers was keeper at this link: click to see   Just select the name of form to see contacts.       Note: Those contacts are older. New contacts is registered with Ninja Forms Plugin  

Image du site internet

Le nom de photo doit etre en relation avec la page avec des tirets et sans majuscule ou caractere special Exemple: company-value-01, company-value-02 La qualitée ne depasse pas 72 dpi La largeur doit etre 960px pour le photo du site La largeur doit etre 1600px pour les fotos de titre wallpapper max 1600 de largeur, jpg, […]

Comment mettre a jour Mailchimp avec Filemaker

EN PREMIER LIEU IL FAUT SAVOIR QUE LA LISTE / BASE DE DONNEE DE REFERENCE EST TOUJOURS FILEMAKER   1 – Ouvrir Filemaker 2 – Rechercher pour avoir une partie de la liste qui vous interesse ou la totalité Car il faut savoir que Mailchimp est gratuit jusqu’a 2000 abonnés 3 – Vérifier dans cette […]

Comment poster sur les réseaux sociaux

Voila le détail pas pas pour publié via Mlbas Entrer sur le site de e rentrer les identifiants pour arriver sur la page d’accueil   2. Cliquez sur CONTEUDO (Contenu) / AGENDAMENTO (programmer) 3. Cliquer sur AGENDAR POST (programmer un post) 4. Choisir les réseaux que vous souhaitez diffuser votre post Attention il y […]

Add new post

Login to WordPress 1 Post / Add New   2 Insert a title 3 Insert your text. Respect the SEO rules Insert the headings and paragraphs titles 4 Choose the category post will be 5 Add the TAGS for a better search on Google 6 Choose a photo presentation of the post following the rules of sizes and nomenclature […]

Add PreOwned Helicopter WooCommerce

Pictures size: 1024×768

Web Photos

If you run an online business, image optimization is an art that you want to master. From attracting shoppers perusing Google images to reducing site load time – image optimization can be an important part of building a successful ecommerce business. Have you ever stayed up at night wondering: Why is it that when I […]

Updating Wallpappers

To update wallpappers, it must first make a ZIP file, after that just upload to some cloud service ( Dropbox, Box.Net, Gdrive, etc) and insert link at post with wallpappers. Click here to edit Wallpappers post

OLD Add Preowned Helicopter

Make login to admin area, click Projects Menu and Add New.     After load, it must appear something like that: Before update data, make shure to activate ET Settings Side Navigations ON and choose relatives categories ( VERY IMPORTANT!! ) It´s important to insert tags to google find your helicoters better. Write some letters and wait a […]

OLD Configure the location of the helicopter

The location of helicopters must be configured in each record. Open desired helicopter and find MAP Click on traced button like above to open map location Insert location and click find. Mode map to desired position, use + and  – to zoom and click Save button. Do not forget to Update helicopter record

Heliconfigurator – Change autorresponder e-mail text

Please keep attention to make this procedure. If make more than teached here could unconfigurate autorresponders. For english Heliconfigurator form: click here For french Heliconfigurator form: click here Please remember to save after changes

Bulk Edit – Enable / disable comments

You can bulk editpages to enable/disable comments to pages or posts. Open list pages (All pages) or  posts (All posts) and select pages/posts to bulk edit. Select edit and click Apply button This is the screen after click Aply: Choose Comments on dropbox menu and click update Click Update to save modifications. Repeat this operation […]

Enable / Disable Comments

To enable or disable comments on posts and pages make the option marked or unmarked like image below.

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